Why Cumulus? / by Ben Starkie

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If you're looking for more information about where the name Cumulus comes from then look no further. Goodness knows why you care, but in case you do...

I can think of no more fitting metaphor for Communications than the cloud. Cumulus is defined as a "cloud forming rounded masses heaped on each other above a flat base at fairly low altitude... Origin: mid 17th century (denoting a heap or an accumulation), from the Latin, ‘heap’".

Strategic communications is like a cloud - formless, insubstantial, ever-present, constantly moving and changing shape according to current conditions, piling up to build something beautiful, sky-high ambitious. 

Clear skies? New opportunities? A product, service or person whose reputation needs building? Clouds on the horizon? Stormy outlook? An issue or crisis to handle? Cumulus has the answer whatever the weather.